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How Nursery School Promotes Social Skills and Friendships

The role of educational institutions is beyond the general notion of enriching children with knowledge. It is indeed a space for them to socialize and equip themselves with the capacity


The Importance of Parental Involvement in Early Education

Early childhood education is a foundational journey for children. It lets them take the first steps of cognitive, physical, and emotional development. However, most parents overlook this significance.


Choose the best day-care for the best foundation to the children

Children require care and attention for their holistic growth. These needs range from emotional regulation to games and activities that are designed to elevate their cognitive skills.


Child Safety: The Basics of Stranger Interactions

In our fast-paced cutting-edge world, ensuring the safety of our kids is of absolute significance. Among the important lessons we teach them is how to manage interactions with strangers.

The Role Of Music And Movement Activities In Nursery Education

Children since their early years have an innate likening to music and movements. As they learn to communicate it can also serve as a means of expression.

Parenting Partnerships: Collaborating With Daycare Staff In Dubai

Sending your child to a day care in Dubai is a huge step for your child. Undoubtedly it would be a period of time when you are away from your child, and your child will learn to work with other kids of their age in a learning environment.

Bedtime Battles: Parental Tips To Help Your Toddler Go To Sleep

The most struggling part of having a kid at home is making them go to bed and sleep.In the early phases of childhood, it is all the more difficult. Because they show resistance as they get adjusted to the routine.

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How Can Day Care Center’s Support Language Development in Young Kids?

What was your first word as a kid? Is it Dada or mama? The vowels that we first uttered stands as the basis of every learning that we got in years of education.

Nursery kids Activities

Creating Friendships And Teamwork In Nursery Children

Pre-schoolers and children's alliances are an essential and valuable component of their early development.

Alternatives To Tv Or Smartphone For Preschoolers: Activities

An addiction to using a smartphone might hinder a child's capacity for memorization and concentration, as well as their overall brain development.

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Providing a Nurturing Environment For Your Child's Early Education

The choice of an appropriate preschool for your child is a critical one that calls for extensive investigation and thoughtful deliberation.

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Engaging children in Creative Coloring Activities

Children enjoy coloring, but it also has a significant impact on their growth and inventiveness.

Play-based learning activities for children aged 1 year to 4.5 years

One of the crucial methods for kids to learn is via play. It not only supports formal education later in childhood but also helps each child understanding the world and setting the groundwork for later brain growth.

Nursery Rhyme Crafts

Nursery Rhyme Activties For The Toddlers And Pre Schoolers

Hey! Do you still remember nursery rhymes from your preschool or the last chapter from your graduation? Nursery rhymes taught us a lot of things in simplest and most engaging manner

coloring activity in preschool

Toys and activities that promote learning in preschool

Toys are not just for playing, inaddition to that they can promote the overall development of a child through many learning activities using them. Their skills including language, social and emotional development can be made better with the help of toys.

Daycare Learning

What impact does daycare have on child development?

Parents are often apprehensive on leaving their children at daycares. Daycare is a home away from home. Besides taking care of children daycares also provide a structured environment wherein children can learn and develop various skills. Little Feet Early Learning Center offers excellent daycare experience for the overall growth of each child.

Child eating food

Is your child a fussy eater? Ways to solve it

Some children are fussy eaters. Understand that this is completely normal for children at all ages. But when you deal with a little kid, rather than confronting, act wisely without hurting their interests in food and offer them few healthy options. Some of them don’t like tastes, color or texture of particular foods. Fussy eating is what we call as a fluctuation in a child’s eating habits, preferences in food, quantity of food they eat and more. This is normal in a child’s developmental stage and not a personality disorder.

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Nursery in Discovery Gardens

We are a Nursery (Little Feet Early Learning Center, near Discovery Garden) which offers children the opportunity to learn through play, have fun and explore the world around them. With over many years of experience in Early Years Education, we have combined the commonly asked questions and parenting tips (for toddler/Nursery age) that we think would be of useful to you. To tell us what parenting topics you wish to see in our nursery blog, contact us at (Nursery/Preschool/Early Learning Center near Discovery Garden)

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