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About Little Feet Nursery

Parents who are looking for a nursery near Lulu Barsha, we at Little Feet Nursery are your reliable choice. We provide you with a loving and caring environment for children. Little Feet Nursery offers a comprehensive early childhood education program. Our experienced staff gives children get the attention and care they need to survive.

Creative Arts and Expression

We encourage creative expression in children. Our nursery provides you creative arts programs, arts and crafts, music and drama allow children to boost their artistic talents and boost self-expression.

Security Measures for Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Safety is crucial at Little Feet Nursery. That’s why we have stringent security measures rightly in place for pick-up and drop-off. This makes us a reliable nursery near Lulu Barsha as you can save lot of time commuting from your home to nursery. This way we ensure the safety of children at all times. Parents too will have a peace of mind that their children are secure.

Positive Discipline Approach

We at Little Feet Nursery encourage a positive approach and teach children about self-control, solve any problems and how to be responsible. This approach helps in nurturing a supportive environment as we prepare them to enjoy life and face the future with strong, positive mind.

Flexible Attendance Options

We understand that no two kids are the same. Similarly, parents who have diverse needs call for flexible attendance options. That’s why we provide personalized packages for parents through which they can choose schedules to suit their requirements. This ensures them to handle their work and family life easily.

Outdoor Learning Spaces

Outdoor learning space is a vital part of the educational program. At Little Feet Nursery, we provide opportunities for learning, exploration, and physical development that allows children to learn as they enjoy the natural world.