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Little Feet Early Learning Center gives utmost importance to the health and safety of children. Children are taught the importance of hygiene and healthy habits, such as washing hands and brushing teeth. Our students are our wealth. Whether it is about their education or about their health, we are equally responsible as you. At Little Feet, we provide extra care for our children in terms of health and safety at the premises.

All visitors must sign in at the reception and unidentified visitors are not allowed to enter in the classrooms. Children are handed over only to guardians authorized by parents in the consent form. For the children’s safety, we incorporate special flooring with enough friction. Our classrooms are kept germ free and eco-friendly with anti-slip floorings. All our bathrooms are well maintained, cleaned and disinfected regularly for preventing infections. We have installed early detection fire alarm systems.

Little Feet daycare near business bay is suitable for working parents to board their little ones to the trusted hands for all the day. We strictly follow all regulations and recommendations of concerned Dubai Government bodies such as DHA (Dubai Health Authority), KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) and DM (Dubai Municipality).

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Risk Assessment

The premise, equipments and things like toys, furniture are all kept neat and clean by our staff to ensure the well being of the children. We carry out routine risk assessment. The equipments are frequently checked and defects are corrected on time. Each rooms are thoroughly checked, reviewed and suitable course of action is taken. We ensure that the premise is free of any hazardous materials. We also do risk assessments about food safety, security of the building, and personal safety of each child. Any risks found are reported and proper measures are taken for it according to the regulatory guidelines. Prevention is better than cure! With this in mind the risk associated with all the work and the risks which are likely to happen is monitored perfectly by our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Control measures to prevent all type of dangers are taken by us.

Monitoring the children

The whereabouts of the children are constantly monitored and a schedule is kept for each and every activity. Children are always supervised including their recreation time. According to the number of children we appoint the staff. When the children are taken outside the building, for instance to a play area they are accompanied by the required number of staff. Children are grouped for better and efficient handling. Hygiene practices are followed and implemented to keep the children healthy and happy.

Accidents, Mishaps and Illness

We keep our staff updated about the health and safety regulations. We follow a well constructed procedure for identifying and handling any accidents. Timely intervention is taken on the event of any illness or accidents. Parents and guardians are informed immediately if any such situation happens. A record about the accidents or illness is kept in the nursery and follow up about it is conducted from our side. First aid materials and cleaning equipments are always kept ready. In the event a child falls sick we will immediately isolate him/her from other children. The sick child will be kept under the charge of staff until help arrives or until the next course of action is taken. We also request the parents to inform us in advance about any allergies or injury suffered by the children.

Fire Safety

All the necessary precautions for fire safety are taken by us. Our staff are informed and trained on how to handle a situation and how to evacuate children in the event of a fire. A checklist for fire preventions is maintained. The fire extinguishers, fire blankets and other necessary fire prevention equipments are checked routinely.

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