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About the Location Specialties and Features

Discovery Gardens is a residential community known for its harmonious combination of modern lifestyle with natural beauty. This unique neighborhood features beautifully crafted landscaping that offers residents a tranquil refuge in the middle of the city. It includes diverse architectural styles, multi-ethnic community, and a wide range of convenient amenities. Discovery Gardens is a true testimony to the cosmopolitan charm of Dubai.
Discovery Gardens is home to many nurseries that aim to play an important role in children’s early education. If you are looking for nurseries near Discovery Gardens, then we at Little Feet Nursery are ready to serve you.

Individualized Learning Plans

At Little Feet Nursery, we understand that every child is unique. Hence, we have created a customized learning plan that caters to the needs of every child and their respective interests. Our experienced trainers ensure that they nurture every child’s potential to the fullest.

Focus on Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the core concepts of our teaching philosophy. We believe that children should not only excel in education but also in handling their emotions well. That’s why, we at Little Feet Nursery focus on emotional intelligence to help children develop social and interpersonal skills.

Nature-Inspired Learning

Nature provides you with a great way to learn many things. That’s why our nursery includes many nature-inspired learning into the syllabus so that kids can learn to appreciate nature and become more conscious about the environment.

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Why Little Feet stand out from others

Little Feet Nursery is committed to providing you with high-quality education. We are dedicated to customized training, emotional intelligence, and a nature-inspired approach that sets us apart from the rest. We are a team of experienced trainers and advanced teaching methods that ensure that kids get the best start for their education. Choose Little Feet Nursery near Discovery Gardens to get an amazing experience for your children. Visit our nursery or call us if you have any queries.