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About Little Feet Nursery in Dubai

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Little Feet Nursery aims to provide children with the best opportunities for Early Learning Education in a caring, secure and stimulating environment. We are conveniently located in the Gold & Diamond Park, Next to Equiti metro station, Mall of the Emirates(MOE),Dubai. We follow the EYFS ( Early Years Foundation Stage ) Curriculum.

Our Little Feet Nursery is placed in a strategic location near the main key areas in Dubai which makes it an ideal choice for families in the area. We are located near Al Barsha, Al Barsha 1, and Al Barsha 2; so that parents who work or live nearby can easily drop off their children. Moreover, some of the easily accessible destinations include Barsha Heights, Al Khail Gate, and Dubai Hills so that you can drop off and pick up your children easily.

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Our Aim

It is our vision to ensure every child develops an enthusiasm for learning which in turn results in the development of curiosity, creativity as well as confidence within learners. Our childcare vision is to lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning through engaging, play-based educational experiences.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading nursery that sets a standard for early childhood education inspiring every child to reach full potential in a safe and stimulating environment.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to ensure children get the best nurturing and stimulating environment so that every child achieves their full potential. Our dedicated staff understands that each child is unique and deserves quality care and academic attention.


We promise you that your child will be in a secure, protective, and stimulating environment in that he/ she can develop. Our actions are aimed at your child’s happiness, development, and well-being and to help them become the best in everything they do.

Health and Safety Parameters

Health and Safety of your child are our absolute priorities. That’s why we meticulously maintain the health and safety of the food we prepare combined with the facilities we provide. We always keep our facility clean, safe, and well-maintained. Regular sanitization, secure entry systems, and management’s constant supervision are strictly observed at all times.
Contact us at 050 1515 371 | 050 1515 381 or email us at to know more.

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Years of Experience in Taking Care of Kids as One of the Best nurseries in Dubai

Little Feet Nursery stands as a trusted institution in Dubai that carries a legacy of nurturing young minds. Our team of committed educators and caregivers offers you a wealth of experience and expertise. This ensures that your child gets optimum care and attention.

Through years of hands-on experience, we've fine-tuned our approach to cater to the unique needs and developmental stages of each child. Right from infancy to preschool, we offer a nurturing ambiance where your kids feel safe, supported, and encouraged to explore and study. This is what makes us one of the best nurseries in Dubai.

Our convenient location is one of the main reasons why we are the leading nursery school in Dubai for your child. We guarantee a happy, fun, and learning time for your children. Since the centers are situated in strategic positions, you will save a lot of time traveling to the nursery which gives you the edge to efficiently and effectively plan your day.


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Our Services

Our Center Provides The Following Services

Nursery & Day Care Service

  • Flexible Day Care Options

  • Free Early Drop off from 7.30 am till 9 am for registered parents

  • We are open whole year around

Transportation Facility

  • Transport Facility available to selected areas.

Nursery Schools In Dubai

Summer Camp

  • Summer Camp Available on July & August

Parent App

  • Daily Parental Communication using App

  • Get Daily updates about ongoing learning

  • Receive WOW moments of your little ones

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Our Classes

Little Feet classrooms are divided by age groups

Get a Great Atmosphere for Your Kids from the Best Kids Nursery In Dubai

At Little Feet Nursery, creating a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere for children is at the heart of everything that we do. From colorful classrooms to spacious outdoor play areas, we have designed our environment to encourage curiosity, creativity, and joy.

Our devoted group of educators and caregivers is enthusiastic about creating a positive and supportive atmosphere where kids feel valued, respected, and empowered to attain their full capability. With engaging activities, inspiring experiences, and affectionate guidance, we make every day at Little Feet Nursery a memorable and worthwhile adventure for your child.

Join the best kids nursery in Dubai – Little Feet Nursery and find out why we're not only a nursery, but a home away from home for kids in Dubai.


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What Do Parents Say About Us


Why We are One The Top, Best & Good Nurseries in Dubai

Amazing Nursery, excellent teachers; they know how to make a child comfortable and excellent in all the academics. There is so much change in my daughter's speech and coloring skills. Thank you so much for all the effort and patience.

Diva Koul's Mummy

Little Feet isn't just a Nursery to my child, it's an extended family and a second home. I really appreciate all the efforts you have made to educate my child. I am quite happy that I choose this nursery for my child. I am satisfied about the quality of teaching and learning provided to my child. Thank you very much Little Feet Family.

Mohammed's Mom

We are happy with Jeyna's Progress. She joined Little Feet 6 months back, she learnt a lot and she is improving a lot. Little Feet was a good decision for us for making her preschool.

Jeyna's Dad

Amazing Nursery, excellent teachers; they know how to make a child comfortable and excellent in all the academics. There is so much change in my daughter's speech and coloring skills. Thank you so much for all the effort and patience.

Diva Koul's Mummy

I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth, the master-builder of human happiness.

Dr. Alex Limon

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Importance of Early Childhood Education

Childhood education plays a prominent role in your child’s future. In fact, it is the foundation that develops your child’s academic and personal success. It is in these years, that children develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Nursery schools in Dubai like Little Feet Nursery play a big role in nurturing these young minds towards lifelong learning and achievement.

High Quality Education from The Best Nursery Schools in Dubai

Dubai is one of the prominent cities in the world that provides you with high-quality education at every level. It carries some of the good nurseries in Dubai that offer a nurturing and stimulating environment where your child can explore, learn, and grow.

Parents place high importance on early childhood education, and the demand for top nurseries in Dubai is undoubtedly on the rise. There are many best kids’ nurseries in Dubai not just for babysitting but also as educational hubs where children are provided with a structured curriculum that harbors holistic development.

Why Little Feet Considered as the Best Kids Nursery Dubai

Little Feet Nursery stands out as the top nursery schools in Dubai for many reasons. We are committed to providing you with the best possible start to your child’s educational journey. Our team of experienced teachers and caregivers ensures that we create a safe, nurturing, and stimulating climate for your child’s growth.

We understand that choosing the right nursery in Dubai near you can be quite overwhelming. Little Feet Nursery is proud to be one of the best nurseries in Dubai that provides you complete dedication to providing early education that comprises of academic, social, and emotional development.

Our Objectives and Values

At Little Feet Nursery, our goals are pretty straightforward. We cultivate a passion for learning, encourage curiosity, and instill core values that will lay the groundwork for your child’s future. We believe in fostering creativity promoting thinking and fostering independence within an inclusive environment.

Our values revolve around creating a nurturing space where each child is encouraged to discover their talents and passions. We place high importance on communicating effectively with the children and with parents so that they can actively participate in their child’s educational journey.

Nursery Programs We Offer

Little Feet, one of your top good nurseries in Dubai, provides you with various programs that are tailored to the needs of kids as per their age. Our curriculum is created to support cognitive development, language skills, motor skills, and socialization. Our dedicated team ensures that each child gets personalized attention and we include play-based learning that will make education more fun.

Early childhood education is a foundation of a child’s development and nursery schools in Dubai like Little Feet Nursery play a huge role in providing you the best way to learn. If you are looking for a top nursery in Dubai, we at Little Feet are here for you. We provide educational excellence and values. We are your trusted partner who nurtures your child’s potential. Call us today at 050 1515 371 | 050 1515 381 to know more.


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