Play-based learning activities for children aged 1 year to 4.5 years

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Play-based learning activities for children aged 1 year to 4.5 years

One of the crucial methods for kids to learn is via play. It not only supports formal education later in childhood but also helps each child understanding the world and setting the groundwork for later brain growth.

The right to play is a fundamental element of children’s wellbeing. Why? Because it supports everything from learning social relations and norms to the start of scientific thinking by enhancing attention skills, which are necessary for success in the classroom.

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Here, we look at our top 5 games and activities for teaching kids through play:

  1. Sand

Sand play is a terrific way to create the groundwork for scientific learning as well as for building self-confidence and physical growth. Children learn how things function while developing their muscles and hand-eye coordination while scooping, digging, pouring, and sifting. When done with a small group of friends it becomes about cooperation, sharing, and social skills.

  1. Water Play

Children can experiment in a secure setting with fundamental ideas like volume with water play, much like they can with sand play. Water play is also an excellent way to teach kids about the effects of their activities. Water play becomes a strong favourite when some physical strength and hand-eye coordination are included.

  1. Play Dough

The learning possibilities of play dough are enormous. In addition to developing strong fingers for a lifetime of writing, it also fosters creativity, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor abilities. For a fine-motor exercise, add some beads to the dough. Alternatively, for more play value, have the youngsters string beads onto lengths of dried spaghetti kept in the dough. 

  1. Role-playing and dressing up

Let the kids' imaginations go wild by providing them with a variety of play outfits and accessories, such as toy doctor's kits. You'll soon find the aspiring physician, veterinarian, nurse, astronaut, chef, or actor. Children that dress up are more likely to interact with others and start to understand the adult world, roles, and interests. Not to mention, dressing up supports self-care behaviors that are crucial for success in elementary school.

  1. Character and Doll Play

Girls and boys can both develop their social play when characters in the form of mini-figures and dolls are available. It promotes creative expression and the understanding of emotions.

  1. Painting and Drawing

Giving kids complete freedom with paints and sketching supplies enables them to express themselves, explore the world in a sensory way, and develop pre-writing skills. Additionally, it's a call to learn colour theory, mixing, and basic organizing skills. 

  1. Jigsaws, blocks, and shape sorters

The roots of spatial thinking, logical reasoning, ordering and identifying different forms, sizes, and colors are all laid by playing with blocks, jigsaw puzzles, and shape sorters. Little Feet ELC an help your child in building their logical and creative side.

  1. Jumping, climbing, running, and swinging 

Young children have a strong urge to move around. By giving kids the freedom to do this and offering challenges that are safe and age-appropriate, they may build resilience and self-assurance by taking calculated risks. Of course, gross motor abilities also benefit greatly.

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