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About the Location Specialties and Features

Al Khail Gate is one of the popular communities in Dubai famous for its affordability, close-knit environment, and seamless amenities. Its focus is to nurture care and compassion among residents. That’s why, it offers a family-friendly environment that makes it an attractive and accessible option for residents of diverse cultures.

Multisensory Learning

At Little Feet Nursery, we know well that children learn best when they are having fun. We provide your child with various learning environments that will inspire all aspects of a child’s development. Our curriculum includes creative activities that appeal to various senses, harboring creativity, discovery, and a deep knowledge of the world.

Safe and Secure Environment

Safety is our primary concern. That’s why we ensure that our nursery provides you with a safe and secure environment for children. Our safety protocols are rigorous and guarantees parents that their children will be safe and in good care. The family-oriented community of the Al Khail Gate community boosts the sense of security and belonging.

Why Little Feet stand out from others

There are many reasons why Little Feet Nursery stands out from other nurseries in Al Khail Gate. For starters, we are strongly committed to providing perfection in early childhood education. Our experienced trainers, creative teaching methods, and focus on holistic development make us the preferred choice for parents. We believe that every child has different potential. That’s why we provide personalized attention and guidance. Choose Little Feet Nursery in Al Khail Gate to provide an early educational experience that puts safety and learning above all. Call us 050 1515 371 or 050 1515 381 to know more…!!!!

best nursery in al khail gate