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About the Location Specialties and Features

Located amidst the vibrant community of Sports City, our Little Feet Nursery is proud to offer a combination of specialties and features that sets us apart from the rest. Our location is close to the proximity of residential areas that allow parents to drop off and pick up their children. Our space is spacious which allows us to include sports and physical activities into our syllabus, thus encouraging active and healthy lifestyles right from an early age.

Fun Learning Experiences from little feet

At Little Feet Nursery, we ensure that kids have a fun learning experience that synchronizes perfectly with the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. The EYFS curriculum supports our approach towards early child education so that kids are prepared for the next stage of school and of life. We abide by the core principles of the EYFS in our teaching philosophy.

Sports and Physical Activities

We understand the importance of physical development in your child’s growth journey. Little Feet Nursery infuses sports and physical activities as part of our education to build active lifestyles in a child’s life right from an early age. We focus on all the major areas of development such as personal, social, emotional, and physical that will help the children in building proper communication and physical development.

Safe and Stimulating Environment

Little Feet places priority on safety and well-being of children. Keeping that in mind, we provide a secure environment with proper monitoring, CCTV, and other security options to keep your children safe at all times. We create a space for children where they can grow confidently and securely.

nursery in sports city

Why Little Feet stand out from others

We have years of experience in the childcare and development sector. That’s why Little Feet Nursery is a trusted name when it comes to early schooling. What makes us different from others is our unwavering dedication to each child’s talent. Our trainers have hands-on experience in the education sector and are caring and compassionate. They provide a wide range of activities while abiding by the EYFS curriculum. This makes learning a fun and joyous experience for every child.
If you are looking for a nursery in Sports City, we are here for you. Feel free to call us at 050 1515 371 or 050 1515 381.