Is your child a fussy eater? Ways to solve it

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Is your child a fussy eater? Ways to solve it

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Some children are fussy eaters. Understand that this is completely normal for children at all ages. But when you deal with a little kid, rather than confronting, act wisely without hurting their interests in food and offer them few healthy options. Some of them don’t like tastes, color or texture of particular foods. Fussy eating is what we call as a fluctuation in a child’s eating habits, preferences in food, quantity of food they eat and more. This is normal in a child’s developmental stage and not a personality disorder. But parents need to carefully change this eating habit from the younger age itself. A pleasant, stress-free and regular mealtime can help with fussy eating. So, how to handle fussy eaters? As one of the best nursery schools in Dubai, we will share our experience here.

  • Make mealtimes pleasant

If your child is not willing to eat properly, make the eating environment pleasant and stress-free. Meaning mealtimes should be at regular times and let them enjoy meals along with his family. Don’t make them worry when they spill drinks or food on the floor. When you try new foods, ask them to taste it first and praise your children for the attempts. Do not force then and they will do better next time. Little children like creative preparations. So make healthy foods creatively like cutting sandwiches into different shapes or ask them to help you while cooking. They will enjoy the food for sure.

  • Support your child’s choice

Whatever it may be, don’t compromise for healthy food. But do not force your children to eat more. Give them the freedom to decide how much he’ll eat. Within the range of healthy food you have, ask their opinion, for what to eat. When you include your child to prepare food or arranging the dining table, they feel special and proud of helping. Don’t hesitate to put a wonderful reaction on your face for the help they have given you in the kitchen. 

  • Introduce new foods

You try to serve new food on the table but your child doesn’t like it. If that’s the situation, don’t feel bad. Some children tend to neglect new food. When this happens, like what we have said earlier, decorate the food plate creatively and colorful to attract them. Offer them different food if he is not interested.

  • Don’t punish but give them time

At times, we burst out and punish our children for being too fussy or picky. But that won’t help at all situations; rather your children may get too stressful at the meal time. Instead calmly take it away and offer it to him again another time. And don’t make a habit of offering your child food treats just so he eats something. Give him his favorite food but healthy ever time they demand.

Why children fuss about their food?

Fussy eating habits are normal like we have said earlier. There may be a lot of reasons why children express such behavior. Small children have changing appetites, especially at the ages of 1-6. As they are growing fast at this interval, eating habits can fluctuate. When they grow, they develop different taste preferences and for that reason, they show fussy or picky eating habits. Some children will get engaged in activities too often and may find it boring to eat healthy food or forget to eat at times.

For any of these reasons, if your child is fussy about food, make use of any of the above tips to change their way of eating. Moreover, if your child is going to a preschool or daycare, let the teachers know about your child’s eating habits to take necessary care about it.

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