What impact does daycare have on child development?

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What impact does daycare have on child development?

Daycare Learning

Parents are often apprehensive on leaving their children at daycares. Daycare is a home away from home. Besides taking care of children daycares also provide a structured environment wherein children can learn and develop various skills. Little Feet Early Learning Center offers excellent daycare experience for the overall growth of each child. If you are in search of the best daycare near Business Bay or the finest daycare near Greens you can choose us with complete conviction and faith. Our daycare has all the necessary facilities to nurture and strengthen the development of each child.

Impact of daycares on child development

Enhances communication skills

Communication skills of children are enhanced proficiently at daycare. Daycare has kids of same age group. They also have staff, who are exclusively trained to look after the kids. Daycare providers will constantly interact with kids and encourage them to play and connect with other kids. This will eventually lay a foundation in developing the communication skills of kids.

Daycare is fun

Children spending long hours at home can get easily bored and may seek unwanted attention. At daycare children are always kept engaged and busy. This removes their boredom and keeps the happy.

Promotes different skills

Daycare has several facilities and activities which promotes different skills in children. They will offer different interactive sessions, educational toys, music, dance and art lessons under constant supervision. Such activities help in developing cognitive, mental and motor skills of kids.

Social Development

Daycare helps in developing various social skills. Children up until then would not have stayed away from parents. They would have had little or no social interaction. At daycare they will start mingling with kids from different backgrounds. They will start developing various social skills like corporation, participation, sharing and so on.

Helps in the behaviour development

Often we give into the whims and fancies of children. At daycare this is not possible. Kids become more disciplined and will be given suitable training through positive reinforcement measures.

Easier transition to school

Daycare helps children to get adjusted with school environment easily. The sudden formal schooling may otherwise be overwhelming for them. Daycares usually follow a proper schedule with various learning and playtime activities. Such structured pattern will help kids to settle down in schools more quickly.

Helps in future academics

Even though daycare doesn’t follow a strict academic curriculum, they impart children with different education skill set like counting the numbers, identifying colours patterns, alphabets etc. This will provide them a foundation when they join school.

Physical development

The activities and games provided by daycares assist in the physical development of kids. Kids become immune and healthy when they are more exposed to the outside environment. Daycare thus gives them an environment where they can become stronger and build their immunity.

Kids become confident and competent

Daycare programmes are designed to encourage kids and make them more optimistic. With the help of experienced and qualified teachers of daycare children are sure to become more confident and competent.

Little Feet Early Learning Center provides a safe, healthy and stimulating environment for kids. We are conveniently located and easily accessible daycare near Business Bay. With us your children will be in safe hands.

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