Alternatives To Tv Or Smartphone For Preschoolers: Activities

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Alternatives To Tv Or Smartphone For Preschoolers: Activities

An addiction to using a smartphone might hinder a child's capacity for memorization and concentration, as well as their overall brain development. The smartphone is quickly becoming the focal focus of our existence, and it now appears to be physically impossible for us to go even a single day without using one. The ability to pay bills, check emails, play games, and communicate with friends, family, and well-wishers by phone or social media are just some of the many activities that are made more convenient, faster, and more visually appealing by smartphones. It should not come as a surprise that children, and particularly adolescents, find it impossible to resist the allure of cell phones and are permanently addicted to them. They get an instant high from their network of pals by recording voice messages, sharing gifs, writing comments, posting movies and images, and doing all of these things simultaneously.

Children who are addicted to smartphones often lose interest in other enjoyable hobbies such as sketching, painting, playing board games, reading, and other activities that not only keep them occupied but also improve their memory, focus, and ability to deal with stress, among other benefits. Even while it can be challenging to persuade youngsters that their dependence on smartphones may be negatively impacting their physical and mental health, nurseries in Dubai assist children in striking a healthy balance in their lives and encouraging them to participate in activities that enhance their well-being and lessen their reliance on smartphones.

Different activities for children

1. Physical activities and games that take place outside

People could use a much-needed break from their screens, and getting some exercise and playing sports outside is a great way to accomplish both of those goals. You should encourage your child to participate in both individual and team sports such as football, basketball, and tennis. Individual sports include things like swimming, cycling, and martial arts. In addition to reducing the amount of time spent on smartphones, these activities foster social connection and teamwork, as well as a sense of accomplishment.

2. Participating in activities that take place outside

The great outdoors offers a plethora of different chances for discovery and adrenaline-pumping activity. You should encourage your youngster to participate in activities that take place outside, such as going on hikes, camping out, gardening, or observing birds. These activities not only help youngsters develop an appreciation for the natural world's aesthetics, but they also provide them a respite from screen time and encourage them to get their bodies moving. Nursery schools in Dubai make children participate in activities that take place outside can improve a child’s cognitive ability, lower stress levels, and general well-being.

3. Reading from a book

Reading is a fantastic activity that can help you disconnect from modern technology and tap into your creative side. If you introduce your child to a wide range of literary styles, they will develop an appreciation for reading over time. Establish regular reading time with your child so that the two of you may enjoy a book together and have meaningful conversations about it. Encourage people to become members of their local libraries or book clubs so that they may interact with other readers and foster a sense of community in the process. This will also give them the opportunity to talk about the books they've read.

4. An appreciation for the arts

You should encourage your youngster to take up creative hobbies such as painting, playing an instrument, or writing as a kind of recreation. Participating in creative pursuits is beneficial for a number of reasons, including the enhancement of one's capacity for self-expression, concentration, and ability to solve problems. You should encourage your child to enroll in painting classes, music lessons, or writing workshops so that they can further improve their skills and enthusiasm in the subject matter.

5. Volunteering and service to the community

Empathy and compassion are life skills that should start early in a child's education. Motivate your child to get involved in volunteer work or community service projects by encouraging them to do so. When children perform acts of kindness and give back to society, they develop a wider perspective, an increased capacity for empathy, and a sense of responsibility. Examples of volunteering include helping out at local shelters, participating in neighbourhood clean-up efforts, and organising donation drives for charitable organisations. These interactions not only reduce reliance on cell phones but also develop a sense of purpose and benevolence in their participants, which is a double win.

Providing your child with opportunities to participate in physically active pursuits will provide them with broadened skills, abilities, and experiences. They will develop into a more well-rounded and balanced person if they expose themselves to a variety of different situations.

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