The Role Of Music And Movement Activities In Nursery Education

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The Role Of Music And Movement Activities In Nursery Education

Children since their early years have an innate likening to music and movements. As they learn to communicate it can also serve as a means of expression.

In nursery education, this interest of children can be leveraged to turn learning into an enjoyable activity. Moreover, the benefits of music and movement extend to the development of children at physical and cognitive levels.

Education has been burdened with mugging up of facts and figures over the years. Fortunately, there has been considerable study into innovative approaches to change the course of education. This new course focuses on the overall development of children. And the bright side is that their happiness has also become a measure of excellent education. Music and movement are a part of such a movement for revolutionizing education. Early childhood care including nurseries is a part of this larger movement. Some active proponents of this movement can be found in a nursery near Discovery Gardens.

Music and Movement: Their role in nursery education

● Early Sensory Stimulations: Music stimulates senses and fosters neural connections essential for learning. This can impact the cognitive development of children.
● Language Development: Communication skills can be inculcated in children through rhythm, rhyme, and song. This works as the basis for language development.
Teaching them music with rhymes in a way teaches them the basics of pronunciation of syllables.
● Physical Development: Daycare-aged children jumping and moving around in tune with music seem to develop better motor skills, balance, coordination, and muscle strength. An overall spacial awareness is also developed in them.
● Emotional Expression: Children can be taught to express and regulate emotions with the help of music and movement. This enables them to behave well in society. Feelings such as empathy are the results of such teaching.
● Cognitive Enhancement: Rhymes and songs can be used among children to develop their memory. If it is a rhyme with repetitive elements it can improve their ability to count. Along with this spacial reasoning abilities inculcated by movements, results in an early development of cognitive skills.
● Cultural Appreciation: Exposing children to music from different genres can develop within them an appreciation for diverse cultures.
● Social Engagement: Collaborative music and movement activities can help promote social interactions, teamwork, leadership skills, and a sense of belonging with peer groups.

Search for any ‘good preschools near me’. There will not be many institutions that offer this novel kind of education. This is why Little Feet, a nursery near Discovery Gardens has become popular these days.

The role played by music and movement in the overall development of children doesn’t need further explanations. However, two significant outputs of such kind of education are worth mentioning:

● Make Leaders of Tomorrow: Today's children are tomorrow's citizens. Considering the role played by music and movement in their development this novel method of education is about to create a set of leaders for tomorrow.
● Take away the monotony of education: Novel methods like this are necessary to make learning interesting. Also, music and dance sessions can act as a transition between two different topics. This will not only give children a cue to the next session but also give them space to release their steam.

On the surface, these roles and outcomes of music and movement in nursery-level education might appear to be a bit extreme. However, they lay strong foundations from which children can build such greater qualities. It should be reminded that education is not a solution but a structure upon which solutions are made. Nurseries being the bottom layer of this goal need a novel solution like music and movement.

Little Feet Early Learning Center with a commitment to providing overall development for children is all set to welcome such movement within education. As we are a nursery located in Discovery Gardens we also possess the unique advantage of offering music within a serene atmosphere.

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