How Nursery Works – Complete Guide

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How Nursery Works – Complete Guide

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For every parent, dropping off a child at preschool is a bittersweet experience. It's hard to let them leave, even while you can't wait for them to start a new, educational phase of their lives. And while every parent has to deal with these conflicting emotions, it surely helps to know that you've chosen a reputable nursery in Dubai near me where your child will receive the best care possible.

Things that your Child will Learn from nursery in Dubai near me:

Below mentioned are some of the skills and abilities that your child will develop during their time at Little Feet preschool:

  1. Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills

The first stage of physical development is the development of gross motor abilities, or the large muscles of the body. Since mobility is necessary for all other types of learning, your child will be on the move all the time in preschool. The most important skill to master in the early years is movement.
Similar to how little muscles in the body develop, fine motor abilities are crucial for learning to write and carry out other daily tasks. Running, skipping, jumping, throwing and catching the ball, painting, moulding playdough, cutting, and pasting are a few examples.

  1. Mathematical Skills

Math foundations are introduced in preschool. Up to 20 numerals are counted, along with objects, forms, sorting, and classification. These ideas are taught in the most enjoyable way possible, for as through art projects, block building, or water play.

  1. Early Science Concepts

Children can interact with the outdoors and the natural world through preschool education. Through these exchanges, they also pick up scientific knowledge and concepts. The properties of water are the most fundamental notion learned while playing in the sand.
Water, for instance, can acquire the shape of the container and makes sand heavier. Salt also dissolves in water. The child becomes smarter and more inquisitive as a result of these early science notions.

  1. Memory

Playschool is where memory, one of the most crucial abilities that is used throughout life, is sharpened. Games where children stand in a large circle and speak a word while also repeating everything the previous children said are called "Chinese Whispers." The learning process is improved and the memory is honed by such activities.

  1. Language and Vocabulary

Preschool is a crucial time for a child to develop their vocabulary because they are beginning to create sentences, learn new words, and speak a variety of phrases. Every day, your youngster will pick up new vocabulary and linguistic skills. By listening to stories, playing alone or with classmates, participating in circle discussions, and singing nursery rhymes, this is taught.

  1. Pre-Writing Skills

Basic prerequisites for learning to write are prewriting abilities. These include holding a pencil correctly, learning how to form the letters, crossing the midline, and developing patterns like zigzags, waves, etc. Pre-writing abilities are one of the primary skills that preschoolers are taught.

Brighten Your Child’s Future Express Your Interest Today

Little Feet Early Learning Center, the affordable nursery in Dubai, is in charge of your child's mental, emotional, and physical growth and offers them the chance to interact with other children.

Additionally, the curriculum is created to develop each child's inherent talents. Also, you can relax knowing that your child is in capable and experienced hands. Therefore, now is the ideal time for parents who have always desired to enrol their kids in nursery in Dubai near me! Give your child a head start by getting in touch with us right away.

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