Best preschool in Dubai

Best preschool in Dubai

In the beautiful grounds of Dubai, Little Feet Early Learning Center is a welcoming and nurturing environment for your kid to start his or her school career. Having a successful first experience away from home is essential for building the groundwork for future academic achievement. We always put your child's happiness and enjoyment first since we know that happy, stimulated kids do better in school.

There is so much to learn about the world when your child is two years old; life is one big adventure. At Little Feet Early Learning Center, we encourage our kids to seize every opportunity that comes their way. In our lively and engaging classrooms, they are active all day long, trying out new skills, examining concepts, and generally getting down to business.

Why We are Known to be the Best Preschool in Dubai?

Our goal is to deliver great child care and education in every setting, founded on a foundation of a proactive commitment to continuous improvement, in order to fulfil our vision of becoming the parents' first choice daycare and education provider for all of your children.

We think that every child deserves to feel secure, joyful, and safe. The safety, care, and continued growth of our children are the most crucial aspects of our nursery's staff's responsibilities. Our goal at Little Feet Early Learning Center is to always offer your kid a safe, joyful, predictable, and nurturing environment.

We Aim to:
  • Recognize the individuality of all our children
  • Encourage self-discipline, consideration for each other, our surroundings and property
  • Encourage children to participate in a wide range of group activities to enable them to develop their social skills
  • Ensure that all staff act as positive role models for children and encourage parents and other visitors to be positive role models
  • Work in partnership with parents by communicating openly
  • Praise children and acknowledge their positive actions and attitudes
  • Provide a key person system enabling staff to build a strong and positive relationship with children and their families
  • Provide activities and stories to help children learn about accepted behaviors.
  • How to Choose the Best Dubai Preschool for your Child?

    A preschool selection for your child can seem like such a daunting task. These pointers will help you select the preschool that is best for your family:

    1. Teachers and Faculty

    Teachers at the good preschools near me radiate warmth and love. They will be in charge of looking after your child when you are not around; they are the second mothers. So, while selecting a preschool, schedule a faculty meeting. You must ascertain whether the teachers are sufficiently trained and experienced to work with young children like yours. You could move through with admission if you are completely confident in the teachers and that your child would be in good care.

    1. Teaching Method

    Preschool curricula can change. Check the curriculum that your preferred Dubai preschool uses before enrolling your child in classes. Many schools use a hybrid curriculum, while others only use Montessori or Waldorf teaching methods. Other crucial abilities must be developed and honed at the pre-primary level before the kid engages in mainstream academics. These talents will define their personality and benefit them in the long term. For this reason, speak with the pre-school directors to learn more about the activities that are carried out in class, whether they are play-based, the topics that will be covered, etc.

    1. Communication and Transparency

    Best preschool in Dubai typically keeps open lines of communication with the parent population. It is crucial because, in order to improve the lives of all children, parents and schools must work together. Don't forget to inquire about the frequency and manner of contact used by the school before applying for admission. Additionally, find out how frequently or during what hours the principal or teachers are available if you have any concerns.

    Apart from Little Feet Early Learning Center, some of the best preschool in Dubai are as listed below:

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