Why enrolling your child in daycare is advantageous

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Why enrolling your child in daycare is advantageous

Pre-school is an important stage in your child’s life. In fact the education boards are insisting that children be sent to nurseries because it would help with their social and emotional development. It is true that seeing your sweet little one going off into a school-like arrangement can be depressing for them, especially when you are a stay at home mom. Nurseries in Dubai are definitely good for your child because they can help your child to develop in so many ways. It is true that the child’s home is the first medium for their education, they learn and observe from your behaviour. But going to a school will definitely teach them a lot of other things.

Preschool education happens between the ages of 3-5, and that’s the age when the children are at their most absorbing self. At nurseries in Dubai, the children will become emotionally strong and learn to communicate in social circles. You can search for good preschools near me and check the reviews before sending your children. That way your child will be in a good school and near you as well.

Here are other advantages to sending your child nurseries in Dubai:

Being ready for school

As the name suggests, preschool is the place where the children go before they enrol in school. It would help them get prepped for school. They would learn about routine, self-discipline, learn to take instructions and learn to share and play together.

Strengthen their fine motor skills

The teachers at the preschool would teach the child to draw, paint and write. Nothing serious, just plateful things, but it would help the child fine tune their motor skills. They would learn how to hold the pen and pencil, how to colour within the lines, and just use their imagination.

Improving their self-confidence

Some children are really shy and the parents would be worried how their children would cope once they enrol in school. The pre-school would be a great learning environment for such children. They will learn that the school is a place where they can express themselves, and their teachers are like mothers. The teachers at the nurseries in Dubai have a way of drawing out shy children, so you can begin to see a transformation soon enough. When you research good preschools near me, you can keep this factor in mind too.

The children learn to take care of themselves and others too

A good pre-school will train the child to take care of themselves and also consider their classmates’ needs as well. They will teach the child to be empathetic, considerate, kind and gentle. Your child would be taught the good qualities of sharing and caring.


Going to nurseries in Dubai is so much better than having the child stay at home until it is time to go school. They would be respectful of others, learn to compromise and be socially ready when they are with other children. It would also give them an idea of how their school would be, and they would be thrilled to go to school like their older siblings.

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