Does Your Child's Daycare Provide Physical Activity? Here's Why It's Important

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Does Your Child's Daycare Provide Physical Activity? Here's Why It's Important

Looking for a daycare centre in Dubai? Parents go through detailed research and visit many day care centres before they choose the ideal one for their children. But have you ever checked the kind of physical activities they indulge in? Do the children get a chance to explore their potential? Giving them a football or a spade to play in the sandbox isn’t physical activity. They have to really give enough opportunities for physical growth and mental well-being.

Before enrolling your children to a daycare Dubai, it is imperative to visit the centres and enquire about the physical activities they provide the children with. According to certain studies, the children should have about an hour of structured physical activity and an hour of unstructured physical activity each day. Each of the activities can be scheduled in two different spurts, making it four ‘periods’ of play time for children each day.

Why is physical play time important?

Physical play encourages the children to be active and happy. Children need to explore their potential, and this is possible greatly through the play periods at daycare. Check out the other reasons why children need to have a very active physical playtime:

  1. Encourage social skills among the children

Children bond during playtime, and they would really be able to develop their social skills when they play with their peers. They will assume leadership roles, teamwork skills and get a spurt of role playing skills. It would also help them to express themselves and their feelings without inhibitions. It would also be a good idea for the day care centres to have free chosen play where the child can play on their own, supervised by an adult but not led by them. Let them use their own interests, imagination and interests to play.

  1. Aids in intellectual development

It is important to stimulate the children’s intellectual capabilities through play and through dedicated playtime, it is possible to improve their cognitive development. It develops their critical thinking skills, and even motivates them to ask questions about their surroundings.

  1. Burning calories the right way

Physical inactivity can lead to multiple health problems. With physical activity, your child can burn the calories the right way. Their energy will be expended the right way, and improve their overall health. It improves their flexibility and resilience, and this would definitely prove to be beneficial in the long run. Apart from good physical fitness and agility, it improves their coordination and balance too.

  1. Have positive effects on learning

Just like physical activity aids in cognitive development, it would be greatly beneficial for their classroom learning too. Children who are active in their physical activities will be able to handle stress in a healthy way, respond to stimuli and feel positive. So with the right balance, the integration of physical activity into their daily learning will not distract the children at all.

  1. Improves their memory and ‘spacial’ awareness

Through active play, children can heighten their ‘spacial’ awareness, by learning how to run without bumping into each other, or stacking items of similar shape together and so on. With physical exercise, children can trigger the brain centre for learning and memory and would be a great help in information retention, sequencing and so on.
Parents need to get involved and ask questions when it comes to enrolling their children in the daycare centre Dubai. Quality physical activity can most certainly aid in skill development.

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