5 Fun New Year's Activities for your child

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5 Fun New Year's Activities for your child

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The new year is ushering in and the whole world is all set to welcome it i, with new hopes and new beginnings. There is no doubt that children will be thrilled to welcome the new year in their own way, they just love the hustle and bustle that comes with the season. Everything is fun and lovely for them, with guests dropping in with gifts, parties, outings, games and plenty of cakes and cookies. The time to chill is here. While kids are having the best time of their lives at the nursery schools in Dubai, how do you make it equally fun inducing for them, so they can be actively involved at home too? Check out this blog where we have detailed some interesting fun activities for your child.

Fun activities during the holidays with the nursery schools in Dubai
  1. Confetti poppers

There are plenty of tutorials on how to make confetti poppers at home. You just need cardboard rolls, crepe or tissue paper, decorative paper, balloons, glitter, stickers and it is so easy to make them, and a fun-filled learning experience too. You need to spend some time with them to get it right, so do it on a weekend.

  1. Tracing shapes with household items

The nursery schools in Dubai teach all about tracing so the kids would already be aware of that. Your kids would love tracing shapes with things that are given to them. You can give them a toy or even a household item to teach them the shape, and if the kids are slightly older, the depth of the item too. This would help you sort their toys before the guests come in for the season.

  1. Sort and make patterns for new year decorations

Sorting and patterning are two essential skills taught to very young children at the best nurseries in Dubai . Through this, you can teach your child to learn about size, colour, texture, shape and other features of a particular item. There is no need to rush to the store to buy sorting toys for it, you can always use household items and ordinary everyday items to teach about colours and patterns.

  1. A year-in-review slideshow

You would surely have collected a few lovely photos of your family over the past one year, right? You can collect some of the best ones with the help of your child, and together you can create a virtual slideshow to watch it with the rest of the family. Relive those moments with them, and it would be a memory game for your child too.

  1. Cooking for the party

Kids love cooking in their formative years, and would love to experiment with different recipes with their mothers. With the new year ringing in, you will surely be baking a cake or two, wouldn’t you? Involve your kids in the baking process, and they can assist you with measuring the ingredients and checking if all the ingredients are correctly arranged before they are mixed.


Kids are going to be a handful during the holidays. But you can always ask them to show you what the nursery schools in Dubai have taught them, the fun activities they have done with their friends at school and they would narrate that with pleasure. And kids would love it. You can always get them printable activities from the internet and they can get creative by colouring them. Once they are done, you can get the best out of the lot, and hang it in their room or display it proudly on your living room walls.

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