Are you looking for Best Nursery in Dubai for your kids?

Are you looking for Best Nursery in Dubai for your kids?

Little Feet Early Learning Center is your right choice then! Being one of the best kids nursery Dubai we value the individuality of every child who enters our door. Our main goal is to instil a passion for studying in each kid. Our programme expertly integrates academic subjects with artistic and practical fields. Students gain the ability to pursue their interests, think creatively, and collaborate with others both independently and as a group. Our goal is to teach integrity, compassion, and confidence in every kid. We value and celebrate variety.

Top 3 Qualities to Look for in Good Nurseries in Dubai:
  1. Solid Reputation

Many families focus their search on a top-notch nursery or preschool programme by asking around. It's a good way to get things going to hear from dependable friends about their positive experiences. You might also think about looking through social media communities for young family users.

  1. Warm and Comforting Environment

A child's first experience outside of the home and their parents' tender care is frequently in nursery or preschool. It's essential that you feel as though you can interact and work side by side with the classroom teachers to help your child develop social skills.
Consider signing up for a virtual open house or virtual tour, which many schools and programmes are now offering, if a school visit is not feasible owing to social segregation restrictions. Even if it might not be possible to visit a classroom in person, you will still have the chance to speak with a faculty member or members of the faculty because of this. This will provide you greater control over the decision-making process when it comes to where to enrol your child.

  1. Passionate Teachers

Priority should be given to hiring qualified, passionate, and caring teachers and personnel. No matter how fantastic the campus, the programme is made by the administrators and professors. While it is evident that you should only collaborate with institutions that hire faculty members who are qualified and trained, passion might be more difficult to pin down. But it is a crucial factor in separating a good preschool from an average one.
Keep a look out for teachers who are nice and courteous when you tour the preschools and nurseries on your shortlist. These are adaptable educators who care about your child's success, are aware of children's shorter attention spans, and will modify their teaching methods to keep them happy and healthy throughout the process.

Kids Nursery Tips from Experts

When the nursery admissions season is about to start, parents will make sure to apply to several schools so that their child has a fair chance of admission to the good nurseries in Dubai. Every parent wants to admit their child to the best school.
Here let’s see some tips to get your child ready for the nursery:

  1. Build Up their Excitement

It's crucial to discuss the impending transition with your youngster. Talk to them, get them pumped up, and give the school a vibe. They should be enthusiastic about their school, their admittance to the nursery, and the activities they will participate in by the time the shift occurs.

  1. Routine Practise

You can't start instilling the school rules in your child right now. They must be equipped for it. To ensure that everyone is prepared on D day, practise the school routine at least 10 to 15 days in advance. Additionally, it would make the transition easier for them and prevent worry on their first day of school.

  1. Help them Socialise

Your children's life will undergo a great deal of change since they will have new children to interact with. Socialization is not the finest virtue for most youngsters in today's irresponsible world. However, you must force them to learn how to communicate with children outside of their preschool. So, bring them to family-friendly events or parks. They will get used to meeting new people and making friends.

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