Little Feet provides ample opportunities for children to learn and explore through variety of activities designed by experienced practitioners. Our qualified teachers are always there to support children in discovering their hidden talents and capabilities. Activities are designed in order to make learning a joyous experience for the little ones.

Little Feet Class rooms are divided into 4 main areas where children feel secure. Each area has age appropriate toys and activities.

PANSIES ( 6 to 12 months )

Littlefleet Our Pansies group comprises of children between the ages of 1 year (walkers) till 2 years. We emphasize to provide this group a happy and cheerful environment and program that helps children to learn through play, also to interact with other children and develop their social skills. We aim to provide them the same care and love we would give our child at home. This group will be an ideal set-up, which includes areas for art and sensory play, dramatic play and scope for physical development. Music and movement provide enriching and interactive learning tools essential to provide stimulation in the early stages of a toddlers development. The children are exposed to activities aiding the development of hand eye co-ordination, manual dexterity and improve on muscle tone and body awareness.

SUN FLOWERS ( 2 – 3 Years)

Our colorful Sunflowers section filled with fun and educational toys, puzzles and books. Children at this age are beginning to get more confident and independent .We encourage them to achieve their developmental milestones through a variety of structured activities and free play. Children in this age group get familiar with the shapes, colours, and numbers through a variety different learning media.

DAHLIAS (3 – 4 Years )

In Dahlias section children are exposed to formal curriculum along with a wide range of activities. They are prepared for a comfortable transition from preschool environment to kindergarten. Children are exposed to more complex activities which help in refining their skills.